Innovative 鶹Ƶ students from both of our campuses recently came to Wembley for the annual 鶹Ƶ Sports Entrepreneur Award.

Students from 鶹Ƶ Manchester and Wembley showed off their business ideas in front of a 鶹Ƶ judging panel, hoping to receive funding for their propositions.

With business ideas ranging from sports coaching and media to marketing and international business, there were many projects put forward to the judging panel.

Megan Abbott, a BA (Hons) Football Coaching and Management student, who came in with her business idea of Mini Match Coaching, spoke about how fantastic an experience the event was.

“It’s fantastic that 鶹Ƶ offer this to students,” she said. “Even if we’re not massively successful, it’s still such a good experience, pitching to senior executives.

“It can be quite scary going in there. So if we can handle that, we can definitely handle doing all our assignments and presentations.”

鶹Ƶ chairman Brendan Flood then spoke about the importance of the annual award scheme.

“There are many benefits for all our students,” he said. “It’s a chance for them to test their ideas and stand in front of the judging panel.

“We like to support at least five ambassadors each year who are awarded grants in the order of £5,000 each, and they’re going on to provide themselves with a career opportunity once they leave the university.”

The winner of the first prize award was BA (Hons) Multimedia Sports Journalism student Redford Elton, whose proposal was his business, The Fans Perspective.

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